Add your own moment!

Wow!! The ship looks awesome on the inside and outside. As a member of the Historic Naval Ships Association I try to go to ship museums as often as possible and your museum was one of the best I have been to. from the wonderful staff in the front to the guys I met on the ship everyone couldn't have been nicer. Seeing all of the efforts of the staff and also of the Active Navy volunteers was amazing. The ship keeps getting better!! And special thanks to Owen for showing me some of the stories behind the stories to better humanize the ship to me. Too often that is lost!

--David Cohen, 2014-11-24

I visited the ship in 1990.

My Mother, Ellen Rambo Bickerstaff and my father Howard Jefferson Bickerstaff, were stationed in Balboa Panama Canal Zone. My mom watched the Alabama cross through the locks on her last voyage to Mobile, Alabama.

She would watch the ships every morning before teaching school at Ft. Clayton. 1961-1962

--Jeff Bickerstaff, 2014-08-12

My family and I had the special treat to visit the USS Alabama this year back in February with some very good friends of ours, who have been a bunch of times. It was so cool to see the way that our soldiers lived on the ship, how much particular items were back then, to see and learn about all the history and to share all of that with my dad who was in the Navy at that time. My 2 sons where also with us and had a blast they learned so much and even got extea credit in school for bringing in stuff from our trip to the battle ship snd our trip to Gulf Shores.

Thank you to all our veterans (past,present, and future) who sacrafised their lives, families, and most of all thier freedom so we could have ours.

Thank you to all those who serve and thank you daddy William F Allen Sr of Durham NC (who made it home) for your sacrifice for our country I LOVE YOU

--Lizel Stone, 2013-12-02

it was exciting and my 2nd visit

--Daniel, 2013-10-18

Spent countless nights onboard when I was a boy scout. It was my favorite time of year when we had our annual overnight stays. Love that Battleship. Know every inch of it. Can't wait to take my own kids to see it some day

--Franklin Lee, 2013-07-09

We are from a small community in Kentucky. We travelled over 10 hours to reach the USS Alabama Battleship. I visited the battleship over 20 years ago as a child and wanted my 2 sons to experience this great piece of history. They were in awe as we explored the battleship and the submarine as well as the air hanger and memorial sites for nearly 5 hours. This is an experience that everyone should partake in as this is our history. Thank you all for this opportunity and may it continue as one day my son's sons and daughters can relive a part of our American history.

--Jeremy Nance, Kentucky, 2013-06-25

My battleship moment was when the USS Alabama first came to Mobile. I was in grammar school at Forest Hill Elementary and we all collected money to pay the salvage and the ship was towed and moored. Then they invited all of the grammar school kids to come for a visit. It was just a shell and we climbed all over it. You can't imagine how many ladders are on a ship but I think we climbed them all!

--Steve Cahoon, 2013-06-17

I have not yet visited,just wanted to say THANK YOU TO ALL VETERANS for your service to uor COUNTRY. ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--Joe Mazurkiewicz, 2013-05-28

My moment was seeing the big smiles on my kid's face when they saw the planes and ships

--Christopher Stone, 2013-02-25

My dad boarded the ALABAMA in 1942 as an electricians mate right after the 1st shakedown cruise off the New England coast. He sailed with her until the end of the war, departing late in 1945.

Sadly, I missed my chance to walk the ship with him. As much as he would love to reboard, his 91 year old legs won't handle the ladders.

I salute you, Dad, and your fellow sailors!

--Mary Spengler, 2013-01-10




--Joe & Kellie Key, 2012-11-26

August 8, 2012 This second visit to the ALABAMA was more moving than the first. From the time I stepped aboard and went inside, hearing the period music of the era, it was as if I\'d stepped through a time portal. When alone in some of the dimly lit rooms with the sights and lingering smells, it was as if I expected a group of young Sailors or Marines to come running in and up the ladders.

Somehow I just got caught up in the moment, imagining what it was like to live and fight aboard this mighty ship. And even at night, while staying at the motel near the ship, I couldn\'t help standing in the quietness and just staring at Her with the lights shining on Her and just wondering how many spirits of past Sailors and Marines still roam her decks, or picturing what she looked like in full battle status with all of her guns blazing at the enemy.

My Dad, CWO-3 Ronald E. Henderson, was a career Navy man in WWII and up until his death in 1969 at the age of 49, still on active duty. He served on many transport/cargo ships as well as minesweepers, tugboats and his last was an ammunition supply ship USS Shasta. I will come back to see Her again.

--Ronnie Henderson, 2012-08-20

I visited the USS Alabama as a child in diapers while hanging out with family near Orange Beach and Magnolia Springs. My brother Scot has informed me that at least three of my pacifiers are hidden on the ship. I was a baby. That\\\'s one of my favorite Big Brother stories.

In fact, there is actually a picture of me in diapers with my big brother\\\'s Ty and Scot in front of the USS Alabama when we were kids and me still in... diapers.

The USS Alabama will always be part of me. One, we are a military family. Two - my parents knew it was important and made sure we visited. Third, I\\\'ve visited ever since and now it\\\'s a family memory that my Army Strong son and I enjoy.

As a writer, Bill and the staff of the USS Alabama have bent over backwards to help me with every project that has included the Battleship and more. They are amazing people that keep an amazing piece of history alive for everyone.

Much thanks from Kent Whitaker and family. Hey, The Deck Chef may actually mean ship\\\'s deck!!

--Kent Whitaker, The 'Deck Chef', 2012-08-17

While we lived in Mobile,Al.(Saraland to be exact) back in the early 60\'s, 1963, I think, but I was very young only in the 2nd grade and the schools all across were collecting for the \"USS ALABAMA BATTLESHIP\" to come to their port, but we won and all the students received free passes. OH, I remember still how EXCITED and EXUBERANT we all were, USS BATTLESHIP was coming to Mobile Bay!

--Deana Headrick White, 2012-08-09

I was on the ship when I was ten years old. I wanted so badly to look through the sites on the deck guns,but wasn\'t tall enough. This time I was! I was also able to tell my sons all about my first trip when I was their age! Awesome trip!

--Tim & Joy Dunaway , 2012-06-22

This was such a wonderful and family affordable place to visit. We spent the whole day there and I dont think we seen it all. We even met 2 men that were on the USS DRUM that was such a honor. Until we went down into the sub, I had no idea what the men and women have to do to protect our country in such small uncomfortable condition to make us safe. Thank you to all the service men and women.

--Mike & Corrie Ralls, 2012-06-20

When I was in elementary school in Birmingham, AL, we were told the state needed money to bring the ALABAMA home to Mobile. We were asked to save our spare change and what money we could earn and donate it to defray the costs of towing the ship home. Well, we all did as much as we could and soon enough it was a reality - the ship was coming to Mobile. We were given a lifetime membership card and told that we could visit the ALABAMA anytime we liked using our card.

Fast forward 40+ years. I have never got to use my lifetime membership card to see the ALABAMA but I still have the card. I plan to use it one day!

Very humbled and grateful to the men and women who have and are protecting our nation!

--Mrs. Robbie Davis, 2012-06-11

We visited the USS ALABAMA on May 17th during our return to Little Rock from a vacation at Orange Beach. A gentleman applying a coat of lacquer to the torpedo attached to the Sky Raider took a few minutes to talk to our family about the aircraft\\\'s history.

He spoke to us not as a museum curator, but as a human being. He was genuinely interested our vacation, our family, and our \"story\" in general. He was a kind man who wore a \"Coast Guard Veteran\" hat.

We enjoyed our time with him and upon leaving the hangar, my 5-year old son remarked, \\\"Daddy, he was a very nice man\\\". The fact that my son recognized his kindness left a deep impression on me. As an American who enjoys the freedoms afforded us by veterans both living and dead, I regret failing to ask his name or thank him for his service to our country.

This Memorial Day holiday I reflected on my grandfather-in-law, who fought in the Battle of the Bulge, the nice man from the Battleship USS Alabama, and all veterans who have made our country what is is today.

I am making a donation to the Battleship in their honors. Please relay our thanks to the gentleman working in the aircraft hangar and let him know that the family from Little Rock, Arkansas will forever remember his kindness. Please tell him that his service to our country is greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten.

--The Carroll Family, Little Rock, Arkansas, 2012-05-29

Sadly I have not yet had the opportunity to visit her... My cousin Nicholas Tangredi served on her during WWII .. She has always had a special place in my heart.

--Tom Carbone, 2012-04-30

Amazing ship. I had my grand dad in WWII - U.S. Navy. When I left the ship, I appreciate those guys for their service to America.

--Terry Godsey, 2012-04-30

My Dad served on a Naval battleship in WW2, and a submarine as one of Harris Hellions in the Pacific. I was, and am proud of my Dad for serving and fighting for freedom. I was Army, 1971 to 1974, and was stationed in Germany.

To all who served I say thanks.

--Douglas Sporer, 2012-04-09

My dad used to take me here when I was little and now I am taking my kids. What an awesome tradition!
--Kaye, 2012-03-21

I cannot wait for the moment when Pack 363 meets up together on the USS Alabama!!

--Casey Roberts, 2012-03-09

Came down from Arkansas for the bowl. I loved touring the ship and submarine. The tanks were very impressive as well.

The highlight was meeting the POW in the gift shop.

Thank you so much!

--Colin Hall, 2012-01-11

Just to be there was wonderful. To think of our men being on the ship day after day defending our country. Brought me to my knees. A BIG THANKS to ALL our SERVICE MEN then and now.

--Troy Spivey, 2011-11-21

I worked on this ship in 1979-1980. I was a welder and work with Bob Alexander. Thanks for the time that I worked there.

--Tim Guthrie, Sr., 2011-08-22

Around the age of thirteen, my father and I stopped at the USS ALABAMA in Mobile on a trip to Texas. I knew that I wanted to join the service, but standing on the deck of that ship sealed my fate.

I joined NJROTC in high school, then only five days after graduation, I was on my way to NTC/RTC San Diego for both boot and apprenticeship training. Then ending up on an LPD which in a twist of fate was the Juneau part of the second reason I joined the movie on the Sullivan Bros. all of which died on the USS Juneau CL-52. Just last week, I passed by the ship on a trip to New Orleans, she\'s still as pretty as I remember her.

Thank you for keeping such a important part of our history to inspire other future Boatswains mates such as me.

--Fred McFarland, 2011-05-05

I remember when I was eight years old getting to visit the USS Alabama! It was awesome! The thing that stands out the most is the lady that was painted on the wall in the room with the large guns on the ship ...

--Amanda Hall, 2011-04-08

My great Uncle, F.E. Hornish, servied on board the USS ALABAMA (BB-8) in 1907. He lived in Olean NY and enlisted in 1905 as a \"Marine\". He was discharged in 1909. Our extended family is very proud of his service in defense of our country.

--David Jackson, 2011-01-19

My grandfather was the last Captain of the Alabama- Captain Edward H. Pierce.
I continue to feel honored by the tribute made to all the men that served on her.

--Michel Pierce Conner, 2010-12-16

I loved it. It was amazing! I made a scrapbook about it. I am 12 years old.

--Rebecca, 2010-12-15

My dad, John \"Jack\" Cartright served on the Alabama during World War II. He never said much about his service, so I know very little, but we did watch Victory at Sea every Sunday night. The experience was one I will never forget and to see his name on the Crewmen\'s Wall of Honor was an honor. Thank you to all who have served our Country.

--Maureen Yelinko, 2010-12-10

I arrived in SanFrancisco in mid December 1945, having come from Gulfport Misssisippi by train. I went straight to the ship and assisted in taking on stores. We were lowering them down several decks using a line. It surprised me that I was entrusted with the bitter end of the line. It was a beautiful starry night. The next morning I spent a couple of hours with a holy stone before I was assigned to communications and started learning to type. It wasn\'t too long before we sailed out under Golden Gate bridge and we were off to Long Beach. I had not realized how new the bridge was. It was just about three years old.

--Paul J. Allison, Y 3/C, USS ALABAMA BB-60, 2010-11-23

In 2008, my wife & I had the pleasure of going to the re-union with my dad (Earl Cowley - N Division). Meeting some of his ship mates and getting a guided tour by him will always be a fond memory. Dad passed away Oct 18, just days after turning 84.

--Bobby Cowley, 2010-11-15

I am hosting an exchange student from Brazil. I took her to Battleship Memorial Park yesterday. As we toured the exhibits, she realized that she did not know much at all about WW2 or war in general. It really opened her eyes to see how WW2 changed the course of history for the world and how the machines of war were and stil are necessary to secure democracy and freedom.

--Ray Mahathy, 2010-11-15

When I was in elementary school in Birmingham, AL, we were told the state needed money to bring the ALABAMA home to Mobile. We were asked to save our spare change and what money we could earn and donate it to defray the costs of towing the ship home. Well, we all did as much as we could and soon enough it was a reality - the ship was coming to Mobile.

Last week, for the first time ever, I stepped aboard BB 60 and got to see her first hand. She\'s a beautiful haze-grey lady and a mighty monument to all the young men and women that sacrificed their youth to make the world free again.

To everyone who has or is serving, a big thank you. I can\'t wait to take my Grandsons to walk her decks someday!

--Jim Parker, 2010-10-26

I just got done studying about it in social studies. Now I\'m going with Boy Scouts of America Troop 48!

--James King, 2010-10-18

About 42 or 43 years a ago my family was passing through Alabama on vaction and we toured the battleship. I still remember the visit very well. It is one of my fond memories of childhood and was probably my dad\'s too.
Thank You for the memory!

--Thomas R. Schenk, 2010-08-16

My Family and I were on the way back from Florida when we saw the ship in the distance and my kids got excited, so we decided to spend the night in Mobile and take a tour of the battleship. It was an experience that will last my 5 year old Daughter Leah and my 9 year old son Jimmy a life time. every one should have this experience. If you are ever in or near Mobile Alabama please stop by and see this.

--Donna Oyewole, 2010-07-20

Recently visted the ALABAMA while I was staying in Pensacola on holiday from England, just to say I very much enjoyed the tour around the ship and the exhibits, its a credit to your organisation and the past crew of the ALABAMA, I will visit again if I am in that area sometime.

--Michael Cliffe, Great Britain, 2010-07-13

While cleaning out my closet today, I found my old scrapbook. Looking through the book I found my U.S.S. ALABAMA CHARTER MEMBER card good for FREE Admission to the ship. I received this card in 1964 or 1965 when the school children raised money to bring the ship to Mobile. George C. Wallace was governor at the time. I was so excited to find this card. I hope to use this card soon. I am from Bay Minette.

--Diane Turberville Aaron, 2010-07-06

Being a Veteran and Baldwin County resident, our whole family gathers there every 4th of July for the fieworks display, thank you to all who have taken so much pride in keeping this outstanding piece of history alive....

--Travis Mitchem, 2010-07-06

My father, John Stumpf, served on the USS Alabama during WWII and I was able to attend quite a few of the reunions. He passed away 5 yrs. ago but he had always looked forward to and enjoyed the reunions.

Thanks to all who have served!

--Ann Wolf, 2010-06-17

Today our school, Walker Springs Road Baptist Academy from Jackson, Alabama, took our kids on a field trip to the USS Alabama. They had the best time taking the tours and getting in the flight simulator. Thanks for keeping this ship alive!!

--Erica Adame, Jackson, Alabama, 2010-05-05

I am just reading my old diaries from when I was hich-hiking round America in 1978. I visited both the Alabama and the Drum on the 31st of May and it was truly memorable experience. Well done on monuments so well preserved.
Jamie McGavin. 9th of April 2010.

--Jamie McGavin, 2010-04-09

Myself and my wife are planning a trip over the weekend. I\'m looking forward to hearing stories of some of the men that served on the big girl. It\'s been 13 yrs since I\'ve been to the area and can\'t wait to bet there and see what has been done. Thank all of you for your hard work and efforts to keep the past part of our today!

--MSG Kevin Matheny, 2010-04-08

Over Spring Break, I had a fun time on your Battleship. My brother and I really liked the inside.

--Luke, 2010-04-05

Our family had a southern vacation in 2009 and you bet the USS ALABAMA was one of our stops. Both our fathers served in some branch of the Navy and so it gave us a closeness to what our parents experieced. It was a wonderful moment for us as well as our children! Very memorable...bittersweet and majestic all at the same time. We will be going back soon!!! Maybe this 2010?

--Mike & Tanya Postlethwaite, 2010-03-30

My family and I almost drove past this mighty ship without stopping on our way to vacation in Flo. For some reason I couldn\\\'t just not stop and take a closer look. The gates were open but the museum was closed. We stopped and stared in awe of the American might for over an hour. I was born in Okinawa Japan, until today I didn\\\'t know why I felt such an closeness with the the submarine and today I know why. We go to see the Lady Lexington every summer in Corpus. I wish there was more funds to advertise your museums of great American power to connecting States. Thank you for the memories to me and my children. PS My nine yr old son now wants to serve in our military. I couldn\\\'t be any PROUDER

--Michael Hewitt, 2010-03-24

My grandfather Morris Guidry Sr. was a turret gunner on the Mighty Alabama during WWII. He was in a turret that blew up. He survived but some of his fellow sailors did not. For years we would attend the annual crewman reunion. We would go through every inch of this wonderful ship. This is the only time my grandfather would speak about the war. He passed away in 1976. I buried him on my 15th birthday. He was a great man with a big heart.
I plan on bringing my granddaughter to see this fine lady when she is older. I want her to understand that the Americans who fought in the war actually \\\"saved the world.\\\" It is because of them that we have our freedom. We should honor them and those who now serve everyday.
Thank you for preserving this mighty lady and erecting this park. God bless you all and God bless America.

--Timothy M. McCroskey, 2010-03-05

I vividly remember my first visit to the USS Alabama in 1967. At that time there was the ship, sand and dirt. It amazes me how much the park has grown over those many years. It is always worth stopping by for a visit.

--David Perry, 2010-03-03

My father served as one of the first crewmember when she was recommissioned when the first one was sunk in the WWI which my grandfather was on at that time too, but my father told me many stories about her and the places he went and the closeness he had with his shipmates, he passed on in 1995 and I wish I had the money then to take him for a visit but in my heart I\'d like to think he\'s there now

--Charles L. Turner, 2010-03-02

I am a Marine (0311)and grew up in Mobile as well as on the USS ALABAMA. I make it a point to visit the park with my daughter everytime I am home.

I would like to say \"outstanding job\", to everyone that works there for taking so much pride in preserving such an important part of our military history. I was wondering how the Iraq/Afgan exibit is coming along. Semper Fi

--SGT Harrison Gardner, 2010-02-11

Been there several times but each time is even better. The aircraft hanger is the best I have seen in a while. Wish I could give you all a lot of money to keep this history alive, but I will tell everyone to come see what is a great treat for the people of Alabama. Keep up the great work. See you soon.

--SMS J. R. Blankenship, 2010-02-05

We LOVE it.

--Dreamweaver Student, 2010-02-03

I have passed by this mighty awesome site for years now. My wife & I are planning on visting the Mobile area. You can bet it will be one of the stops we make.

--Roger Wayne Fry, 2010-01-14

My wife and I along with my sister and her husband visited the U.S.S.Alabama in April 2008. I had been wanting to visit for a long time. My father, James Vander Plaats, served on the Alabama as a Signalman, first in the Atlantic and then in the Pacific. We enjoyed learning more about the ship and hope to return some day. It was really a special feeling to walk on the deck and know that my dad lived on that ship for about three and a half years during the war.

--Dennis Vander Plaats, Ripon, California, 2009-11-20


I got to visit the USS Alabama yesterday, and very much enjoyed my visit on it, its very well preserved and a credit to your organisation, also enjoyed the USS Drum and the other excellent exhibits you have there.


Michael Cliffe
--Michael Cliffe, visiting from Great Britain, 2009-11-11

Hello everyone. I\'m carrying my scout pack to the Alabama in a couple of months. My goal is to have them experience what life was like for a sailor on the ship. I\'d like to give all the boys a little card with a photo and short bio of someone who served on the USS Alabama. Would anyone be willing to share such information with me to educate these boys? If you would, please email me at dannymchale @ (without the spaces).

Thank you and God Bless America!

--Danny McHale, 2009-11-10

I have been to see the USS Alabama several times with my family, since my family originated from Daphne and still lives there. It was such a beautiful and fascinating ship that now, whenever I come across another battleship open for tourists, I make sure to visit them as well. But I will never get tired of seeing the USS Alabama, I come to visit as often as I can.

--Jennifer Rawls, 2009-10-29

The battleship sleep over is an annual event for fathers and sons at Olive Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL. We have an awesome time every year. The ship, sub, & museum never get old.
Thanks USS Alabama Crew for making this a great father/son event!

--Robert & Zac Gilliand, 2009-10-29

My son and I and a Minister Friend of ours that lives in Mobile, Alabama went Friday, October 16, 2009 to tour the ship and it was very impressive and exciting. We all enjoyed it very much.

Thanks for preserving a part of our history and thanks to all our Armed Forces that have and are still serving for the fight of our freedom.

--Bob Elder, 2009-10-20

I had a great time visiting the ship. I have been a couple times throught my life because my grandpa lives down there and he is always taking me places when I come down from North Carolina. Seeing the ship was a great and cool experience.

--Malorie Watkins, North Carolina, 2009-10-07

Thank you for having such a great display of military items. As a Submarine Veteran, I look forward to visiting the USS DRUM SS-228 to share my experiences with my family and others who are aboard at the time.
John M. Lamb CS-1(SS) USN

--John M. Lamb II CS-1(SS) USN, 2009-09-25

I revisited the USS Alabama after 38 years. I had always remembered some of that first visit of the ship and the submarine when I was just 6 years old and wanted to come back when I was grown. My wife and I finally made the trip and this time we brought our 6 year old daughter with us. She really enjoyed it. I am glad it was still there after so long ago. It was one of the best stops that we made on our summer vacation! It was nice to be able see the ship through the self-guided tour. I would recommend anyone who cares about the history of the United States and our military to actually go and experience this for themselves. They won't soon forget their visit. As soon as you set foot on the deck, it really seems like it is "alive". I do have to give a special THANKS! to all the men who served on her and also the submarine. It is hard to believe that it was so long ago when the ship was in service. She was and still is "unbelievable".

--Johnny Claycomb, 2009-07-17

My grandfather was an original crewmember at the young age of 17, Francis L. Rushton, 5th Division. He was injured in what would later be called the "Mount 5 Incident." Five of his crewmates were tragically killed during the incident. My grandfather was severely injured but survived. There is a plaque hanging on Gun Mount 5 memorializing those who lost their lives that day.

I toured the Alabama many times with him as child and attended many of the USS Alabama reunions. It was just such a joy to watch him step back on the Mighty A - his face would light up every time. I will never forget his face each of those times. He had so much pride in having served on the BB60.

In 1997, my brother and I drove my grandfather to Mobile for what would be his last reunion. He passed away that following July. I want to thank everyone that has kept this wonderful ship alive all of these years. My family and I truly appreciate all of your efforts.

--Shannon , 2009-07-02

A very moving experience. My father of 26 years in the Army Special Forces and his memories made this visit memorable. I was traveling from Florida to Houston to visit my brother with my son and on our trip back home we stopped to visit. I thank all those who make it possible for our freedom, I salute all Military. THANK YOU FOR PROTECTING US!! Dawn

--Dawn & Austin Saraceno, 2009-07-02

My father William O. Irby was part of the original crew (assigned to the Alabama before it was commissioned)in the engine room. We attended the first reunion when I was about 12 or 13(I'm 54 now). I met Bob Feller and many of my dad's shipmates. That was when there was limited access for visitors, accept for those who were part of the crew. He and my mother attended every reunion until 1992 when my mother passed. My dad was extremly proud of his service on the Alabama and the old girl it self. When I see pictures of the ship from WW II I just swell with pride because my father is on that ship (eventhough I didn't show up for at least 14 yrs).

--Stephen Irby, 2009-06-11

I had the pleasure of communicating with the ship via Ham Radio today. Many thanks to the volunteer operators from the area.

--John C. Reynolds, W4IJJ, 2009-06-08

My family and I visited the ALABAMA, DRUM, and aircraft exhibits in the early 1970s. I still have the Kodak 110 Instamatic pix to prove it!

What a testament to America's strength and power.

Thanks to all who keep it up.

God Bless America.

--John Cain, 2009-06-01

My father was a plank member on USS ALABAMA, John H. Gibson, Jr. He is now 84 years old and still runs his own tire shop. Likes to fish when he is not working.

--Guy A. Gibson, 2009-04-27

I want to thank everyone so much for keeping the park up all of these years and the crew who served. I grew up in Alabama, about 2 hours away (Brewton, Al) from the park and I've been numberous times throughout my life. I even visited when I graduated boot camp from the Navy (12052009). It is truely a marvel in itself and an honor to come aboard. I can almost feel the boat come alive when I step onto the quarterdeck. Believe me, the energy is still there. For the members who served, I want to greatly thank you guys for what you've done for our country and atleast this sailor, will never forget. Hooyah!

--SN(SU) Chris Hicks, USN Submarine Force, 2009-04-13

Battleships are an awesome testament of a nations power. The ALABAMA is a floating time capsule. I have been several times, and each time I go back in my mind to what it must have been like. It brings a lump in my throat. To see her size and power is humbling. Thanks to all who have served our nation. God bless America!

--Ken Mayfield, 2009-04-10

Recently we were visiting The USS Alabama, how wonderful. We spent the entire day filling our thoughts and minds with tradition and memories. We ran across a plaque in the same area as the Chief's Creed. It was called the Chief's Anchor. Can you help us in locating a copy of this. It brought such pride and traditiong to both of us. We recommend the Alabama,a Monument of Freedom to to everyone. The Ross family.

--The Ross Family, 2009-04-08



--William D. Hahn, WWII crewman aboard USS ALABAMA, 2009-03-18

I have never personally visited the ship even though its my home state , but my grandfather George C. Porter welded the flagpole on this ship.

--Marshall Porter, 2009-03-10

I originally visited the USS Alabama about 18 years again while at Marion Military Institution. I really enjoyed to tour of the USS Alabama and looking forward to the seeing the ship again in June 2009.

--Reese Holloway, 2009-03-09

My uncle, Lloyd Stevens, served on the ALABAMA for the duration of the war. He was a Carpenter's Mate (2nd Class.) He is in pretty bad health at the moment, but says he'd like to make one more reunion on the ship. I promised him I would accompany him if he is up to it. I sincerely hope he will be able to.

--David Stevens, 2009-03-06

When I was on the Alabama, I was in the 9th Div. I later transfered to the S.Div.
While in the 9th Div. I was assigned to the 20mm battery in the Tub. Does anyone remember the Tub????

--Ralph Runckel, 2009-03-02

I remember my parents and grandparents bring me here when I was a little kid. I have pictures of me and my little brother standing on one of the tanks. It was taken around 1972. I can't wait for the kids to get out of school on spring break as I am looking forward to visiting again.

I loved the trips with my grandparents. My grandfather served in the Pacific during the war as a Army engineer so as you can imagine, he spent a lot of time on transport ships and landing craft. He told me a lot of stories about the war, and about the battle ships firing their large cannon.

Thanks for your time and I will see you all next month.

--Dusty Miller, 2009-02-18

When my family goes to Gulf Shores we always make a point to stop by on our way back to Birmingham to go see the Ship. I love going. My grandfather fought on that ship in WWII. His name is on the memorial wall. He is the David A Wood. He passed a few years ago. But I still love going to the ship just to see his name.

--Jigger, 2009-02-13

On 31 January 2009, 37 cadets from Marion Military Institute (MMI) in Marion, AL visited the Battleship Memorial Park. MMI cadets hail from all over the country and one of the cadets on this particular trip is from Alaska. The trip was outstanding and all the cadets were impressed with the experience as a whole. In fact, hardly any of these 37 had ever seen the Gulf or walked aboard a warship or submarine. Although these cadets are almost exclusively Army-bound, the Navy trip was enlightening and will no doubt benefit them in their military careers.

The two other chaperones who went with us are from Alabama one of whom is a retired Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer and the other a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army Reserves. Many of us Alabamians visited the Park as children and perhaps it shaped our futures. At the end of 22 years of active duty service in the Navy, my own retirement ceremony was held on the fantail of the great ship, Alabama and there were quite a few retirees there when we visited last week. I still have photos of my childhood visits and I wonder what future Sailors visit our ship daily!

Thanks for all you do to keep this fine Park alive and growing.

Frank Starr, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy Retired, MMI Assistant Commandant of Cadets for Operations

--Frank Starr, 2009-02-06

Name: Robert L Baxley, CWO3/USN RET

I visited the grand old ship many times from 1974-1977 while on Navy Recruiting Duty in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. I was a Gunner's Mate Gun's and the big guns was a dream. She was a marvel for Retirement Ceremonies. I wanted the Navy to bring back the Battleships so bad. Finally they did, but I did not get the chance to serve on one. But, now to my surprise there is a PBR on display. I did serve on them in Vietnam and it was often said that size for size they would out gun a Battle-wagon. Please keep adding to this wonder Historic site. I will make more trips south and Mobile is on my mind.

--Robert L. Baxley, CWO3, USN Ret., 2009-01-26

A day at Battleship Memorial Park with your family cannot be beat! To be able to tour a WWII era submarine and battleship is worth the price of admission alone. It is a wonderful experience to be aboard the USS Drum and imagine what it was like for my grandfather, Doyle Blalock, who served on the USS Sandlance (SS-381) and the USS Tambor (SS-198) submarines in WWII. This is as close to the real thing that I'll ever get to experience. Take care of that USS Drum, she can't be replaced! :)

-Lance from

--Lance Dean, 2009-01-13

On our return to Colorado from Florida at Christmas time we toured your wonderful park! It is truly awesome. We were so sad to see all the damage that Hurrican Katrina caused however. Congratulations on a job well done.

--Mr. & Mrs. Ron Haug, 2009-01-12

When my family goes to Gulf Shores we always make a point to stop by on our way back to Birmingham to go see the Ship. I love going. My grandfather fought on that ship in WWII. His name is on the memorial wall. He is the David A Wood. He passed a few years ago. But I still love going to the ship just to see his name.

--Lynn, Brazeel, Birmingham, Alabama, 2009-01-07

My dad, Matthew Stops, served on this ship during World War II, I have not yet had the chance to visit the ship, but plan to join as a member in the near future.

--Wesley Stops, 2008-11-12

Name: Salvatore Dragotto

I served on the USS ALABAMA from 1945 to 1946 and then in 2001 I visited my home away from home with my son after 55 years. I served in the aviation division until the ship was decommissioned. I want to thank Governor Wallace and the state of Alabama for keeping the ship from being scrapped. My return visit to the ALABAMA with my son was a truly wonderful experience. I stood on the exact spot under her 16 inch guns where I had stood as a 19 year old and the memories of my time on ship came flooding back. I was proud to answer questions from other visitors that day and hope to return to the ALABAMA one day soon.

--Salvatore Dragotto, 2008-10-23

My family and I just retured home from our third visit of the Park. My first visit was in 1975 as a boy. My second visit was in 2000 when I took my wife, son then seven years old and Daughter four months old. Now we just concluded our third visit my Son is fifteen and Daughter is Nine. the old ship looks great and I hope everyone out there knows that our troops do not have it easy and just want to add "God Bless America, and be with our Troops all Branches of the military!" Thanks from Selma Alabama.
--Mike Cottle, 2008-07-21

I first visited the ALABAMA some 35 years ago and was startled to find that the mess deck still smelled as if it were in use.

I served aboard the USS ROANOKE, CL-145, for a couple of years so the sights, sounds and smells brought back good memories. I visited again this past summer but, alas, the smells are no longer there. When I walked out on the open bridge, I was saddened to see the condition that her main deck is in. I can only guess at the problems you face on a daily basis to keep your exhibits up. I am sure they are formidable. I just wish she could be kept as beautiful as she once was........the DRUM, too. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the visit.
--An Old Sailor, 2008-07-19

We came from Ringgold Ga on July 14th 2008. This was a father-son trip for a 11 year old completely facinated with WWII. We arrived at 8:05 and did not leave till 4:00. He was amazed with the entire park but totally bummed out with the damage to his favorite aircraft, the P51 Mustang. As for me I was amazed with the quick recovery from the hurricane damage. It had been about 8 years since I had been at the park and forgot how much I enjoyed it. I will return soon and can't wait to see the continued improvements. My hats off to all the employees and volunteers that has worked so hard and continue to do so.
--Ringgold, Georgia, 2008-07-19

My Grandfather, William J.B. Fillingim served in the Navy on the battleship Alabama in WWI, which is refered to as the fifth Alabama BB-8. The flagship for Division 1 Atlantic fleet.

--David Fillingim, 2008-05-26

My wife and I visited the ship on 14 May,2008. It was my third visit and my wifes first. She and I were awed by size of the ship. We were also in Mobile in the past and saw the ship from the the highway. It is magnificent all lit up. It is a fitting tribute to to all of the men who served on it and served our country.

--Bob Bacho, 2008-05-21

During an STI User Conference in Fairhope, AL, my family visited the USS ALABAMA.

My 18 year old son enjoyed this most of all. The USS DRUM was I believe his favorite part because the simulator.

--Tina Self, 2007-12-03

Thanks to these great ships, people like my Grandfather made it off the shores of Okinawa and Leyte Gulf in one piece. My Grandfather was attached to the 96th Deadeyes.

My wife and I wiil be back next June 2008, and we plan on bringing our daughter. Thank you for keeping our history alive.

--Jason Denno, 2007-11-26



--A & J Lomonaco, 2007-09-21

My son Austin and I visited the ALABAMA in July of this year. My grandfather, Vernon P. Mora, served on the ALABAMA in the PA Division. I can't describe the pride I felt as my son read the name of his great-grandfather from the ships roll.

Thank you for preserving this great ship. We will be back someday when I have my own grandchildren. God Bless the ALABAMA and all our veterans.

--Greg Purden, 2007-08-11

I walked the USS Alabama FOUR WEEKS after my hysterectomy. Let me tell you, everyone, wear your tennis shoes! What a workout!

This was a wonderful field trip for my son - we learned things about ships, World War II, and most of all, fell in love with Mobile's shining pride, the USS Alabama!

--Anne, Ian, and Bob Browning, Griffin, GA, 2007-07-24


--Elicia Laguna, 2007-07-22

My dad was on board the Mighty A. He served in the FA division, spent many good moments listening to his stories. My brother had a picture made of her under heavy seas. It was above him until the day he passed 10/25/06. I went with them to San Diego for a reunion. He and Mom used to make the trek to Mobile quite frequently

--Byron Swanson, 2007-07-16

I can remember going to Florida and the Battleship was one of the our regular stops on the way. My parents took us at least once a year when we were growing up.

I now have my own family with 2 boys ages 11 and 15 and this year we took them to the battleship. They as well as my husband and I were still as impressed with it now as I was a small child. We made our stop on July 1 2007. We took our time to let the kids see everything. They had a blast and we took lots of pictures. Hope to be able to visit again really soon.

One thing I remember as a child is that the submarine was in the water with the ship and that was pretty awesome...

We really had a great visit and the people there were very friendly.

--The Whittington Family, Forest , MS, 2007-07-13

When I was in grade school, we gave pennies to help get the ALABAMA to Mobile.

I have been on it as many times as I can. I have taken my kids to see it and hope to take all my grandkids to see it because it is something special to see it and all the other collections of military equipment. It is something you will never forget.
--Dwight S. Lott, Sr., 2007-07-07

My son, Mike, was one of the school children who saved their pennies to fund a permanent place for the USS ALABAMA. In 1964, he was a 10 year old student in Dothan, Alabama. He still has the ticket given him for his donation signed by George Wallace.

Each time I pass by the park, I remember his excitement when it was completed.

--Martha Poarch, 2007-06-20

My family and I went to see the USS ALABAMA last summer, and we found someone we'll never forget. A captain from our hometown: Scottsboro, Ala. Wow! That's something I'd never forget. (For some reason, he looked like my dad, but my dad was born in '69, and this man seved in the mid 40's.)

--Corey L. Johnson, Scottsboro, AL, 2007-05-25

In June, 1996, my father, Eugene W. Reser, GM/2, Tenth Division, and a Plank Owner, was visiting me in Houston, from Tonkawa, Oklahoma. He mentioned that some day he would like to visit Mobile and see the 'Old Girl' one last time.

At the time my father was 83 years young. So, the next day, he and I set out and drove the nine hours to Mobile, spent the next day climbing all over the ship, then returning home the next day.

I would not trade those three days for anything in the world. I learned so much more about my father and his service years. He was never able to return to any of the Crewmen's Association reunions, but he spoke fondly, many times, of the first years in the grand career of the Mighty 'A'.

Sadly, he passed away this year, May 4, 2007. His wish was to have reference to his Naval service at his funeral and in his obituary. I granted that wish and also gave him a navy blue marble urn and guestbook and asked all that attended to wear his favorite color. It was a wonderful service that celebrated his life and his loves.

Thank you, ALABAMA, for giving me a wonderful man to be my father.

--Sharon Reser Campbell, 2007-05-16

My uncle, William J. Diffley, was in charge of the battleship soon after the park opened. He was a retired Navy captain, although I don't believe he served on the ALABAMA during the war. He took me on a "special tour" when I was young and the one thing thing that sticks in my mind was a sign over a bunk that read "Bob Feller" slept here.

Keep up his good work, guys.
--Jim Walker, Oneonta, Alabama, 2007-04-20

My father took me to see the U.S.S. ALABAMA when I was nine years old. Last year he passed away. On the way back from seeing him for the last time traveling from Florida back to Texas, I stopped at the park for old memories. For at that time, my son was also nine years old.

Thank you.

--Chris Wright, 2007-04-10

Last weekend, my sister and I took our father, Frank McCorison, back to the battleship he served on during WWII. My dad, who will be 83 in September has been complaining about his bad knee, but you would never have known it. He took those stairs like he did when he served on her.

I know it meant something very special to be back on it. My sister and I enjoyed the tour and are very grateful we were able to do this for him. I hope someday my sons and grandson will be able visit her and remember the fine things their grandfather did.

--Karen McCorison, 2007-03-30

My dad, Robert G. Lindsay, Jr. served on the Drum as a radio man. I found his name, along with his crewmates, on a plaque in the mess. He'd told me stories of making pals with the cooks, and having more than his share of donuts and other treats since his post was right next door. It was a very quiet day at the park, so the Chief was able to unlock the radio room for me for a short time.

I visited the drum on May 13, 2005. It was the third anniversary of my dad's death. I certainly could feel him there with me that day.

He also sailed on the Jack, but the Drum was always his favorite. His headstone has a prominent, lovely etching of the Drum, with 228 showing clearly.

--Leslie Lindsay, 2007-03-30

My daddy, Leo Hatfield, served aboard the USS ALABAMA during WWII. He was a gunner's mate. The time he spent with his shipmates was always a deep part of his being! He was my hero in more ways than I can count. He left this world, March 13,2004. We miss him so much!

Patty Lebedzinski

--Patty Lebedzinski, 2007-02-25

My father, MM2 Harvey H. Shaffer, served aboard the USS ALABAMA (BB-60) in both the North Atlantic and South Pacific during WW2. He was a throttleman in one of the engine rooms and was assigned to a 16-inch gun magazine as his battle station.

I was rather young when I first saw the ALABAMA. It was, I believe, the 25th reunion and around the time when she was first opened to the public. It was raining as we drove into the parking lot. But as we got out of our car, the clouds parted and a beautiful full rainbow framed the ship. My father, always a big and tough man, had tears in his eyes for the first time in my memory.

As we toured the ship, he showed me his berthing area, the mess deck, and many other areas he frequented, relating many of his memories as we walked. We even managed to get down into one of the engine rooms, which was not yet restored and open to the public, as well as the Captain's cabin, inside the gun mounts, and many other areas where he had never seen before.

That experience stirred my interest in the Navy, and I ultimately served as a weapons officer and OOD aboard the aircraft carrier USS SARATOGA (CV-60) during the Vietnam War. We often commented on the BB-60 / CV-60 coincidence.

My father always loved the ALABAMA and had a picture of her in his living room as far back as I can remember. Unfortunately, his time came to an end on October 16 of this year. His stalwart strength and wry sense of humor will forever be missed by our family and all those whose lives he touched. If there are any of his shipmates out there who still remember him, we would appreciate any anecdotes they could share with us.

--Blair H. Shaffer, 2006-11-18

I had the opportunity to tour the "USS ALABAMA a few years back. My dad Bud Breslin served during WW2. I spent hours touring every inch. It was difficult to leave, but very proud of my Dad for having served on such a magnificent ship.

--Bill Breslin, 2006-11-13

My father, Junior P. Toney, served aboard the USS ALABAMA during WWII. He was aboard for four years. Our family and my children have visited the ship with my father and mother. His name is on the bronze plaque on the ship. He was a gunner's mate and he showed us the gun he operated. We also saw the bunk he slept in and the locker where he stored his gear.

My dad is still living and he just turned 88 years old. My mother is still living as well. Over the years we have heard many great stories of the time he spent aboard the ship, during the war. It is well worth the trip to Mobile to see the ship.

--Brenda Finley, 2006-10-17

My Father, Earl Santos, served as Ships Company on the ALABAMA, as a Gunner's Mate, during World War 2, he protected Convoys from the East Coast all the way to Murmansk, he chased after enemy ships in the North Atlantic as well, he also spent time in the Pacific on the ALABAMA.

Bless his soul, he passed away September 23, 2006, he will always be my loving father, my best friend and my Hero, God Bless him and God Bless America, I salute you, Dale J Santos.

--Dale J. Santos, 2006-10-01

My father served on the ALABAMA in WWII. He passed away in 1982 and is buried in Barancas National Cemetary in Pensacola. When my mom passed this year she was finally reunited with him. After the burial we drove to Mobile to visit the ship. What an emotional experience. My father was proud to have served his country. We felt like they both were there with us that day. Thanks for the great memories and thanks to all the veterans who served so bravely. God bless.

--Robert Filitor, 2006-09-30

I first visited in about 1968 or 1969 when I was 5 or 6 years old. I don't remember much except what I have seen in old home movies or what my family has told me.

My next visit was September 10, 2001, one day before the terror attacks. I was attending a conference in Mobile, and convinced a friend to go with me to see this amazing ship.

I can't wait until my sons (ages 2 and 5) are old enough to make the trip (and remember it). It is simply amazing to see the big guns and to "feel" the presence of our great heros who bravely served our country aboard this magnificent battleship.

--Keith Smith, 2006-09-09

Where do I start? I was born and raised in Mobile and was one of the THOUSANDS of school children across Alabama who gave their lunch money to have the USS ALABAMA brought to Mobile in the early 1960's. Not much is said today about those of us who gave our pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters! When it arrived in Mobile, we were on Dog River Bridge (the old one) and remember how BIG the ALABAMA was coming up Mobile Bay, and how proud we were at what we were a part of.

When the USS DRUM came to rest at the stern of the USS ALABAMA, my Grandfather, Captain William A.(Bill) Taylor was the one who dredged the area where it originally set. As a young boy, I recall running all over the USS ALABAMA and USS DRUM (before it was opened to the public) and seeing those two great fighting ships before all the new paint, polish was applied.

This past August we held our family reunion in Fairhope, and I took my family to see the park. Before we left, I had a few minutes to myself and recalled my childhood days in and around the Battleship Park so many years ago. I recalled the rust of the two ships, the musky smell of the interior and most of all the stories I had heard from those who served on them. I am, as one of the many Alabama school children from the past, proud to have been a part of the USS ALABAMA's history.

--William A. Jones, Command Seargents Major, U.S.Army (Retired), 2006-09-05

My dad to me to see the USS ALABAMA when I was eight years old. The whole thing overwhelmed me. It started a facination I still have today. You could say it's the direct result of my current naval service.

I would like to thank all the men and women that spent their time and energy restoring this great piece of American history.

--Storekeeper Seaman (SKSN) Musson, USS PREBLE (DDG-88), 2006-08-31

I came to see the ALABAMA when I was 7 yrs old with my family while on vacation. I returned in 2002 to see it to be just as fun as it was when I was 7. To see the type of mammoth ship that our veterans served on made me feel proud to be there.

I will return again this October with my son who is also 7 this year, and hope to make this a tradition for yrs to come. Glad to see the ship was repaired after the storms, God bless the ALABAMA.

--Shawn Turner, 2006-08-25

We happened to be driving through Mobile on our way home and saw the signs. We stopped in and boy are we glad we did.

Our oldest daughter was with us. She arrived home from a tour of duty in Iraq two months ago, and we had just attended our son's basic training graduation from the Infantry. What history to see at the USS ALABAMA. My daughter said she could stay all day!

I'm so glad we were able to see this. It is amazing and we will be back. Thanks to all who have served and to those serving today!

--Jena, 2006-08-24

When you live somewhere, you may not visit the "local" sites. But that is definitely NOT the case with the USS ALABAMA! We've been there on many school class trips, and every year we have been able to spend a night on the battleship with the Girl Scouts!

If all of you think the walking tour is awesome, you should get a group together and spend the night. That is when you definitely realize what these men went through for our country!

--Nanci, 2006-08-22

I just went there last week (08/17/06), and it was a good experience! Also, a good addition to my WWII reading. I have heard about the USS ALABAMA thru my reading, but I never thought that I was going to see it up close and personal.

Althought it was so very hot inside the ship and I thought that I was going to faint, I didn't. It was so very nice to be there and see this Battleship!

Thank you for keeping history alive!

--SPC M. Rodriquez, U.S. Army, 2006-08-21

We visited the park in August 2006, and were very impressed. I'm retired Navy and served on an ocean-going tug, a fast frigate, a sub tender, and a cruiser. Never got stationed aboard anything as awesome as a battle wagon, but got to see the NEW JERSEY shoot a full salvo broadside.

Had a great time, worth the drive over.

--John Chestnut, 2006-08-17



--CPL J. M. Wood, USMC, 2006-07-24

My family and I took a tour through the USS ALABAMA and the USS DRUM Submarine. It gave me chills to think that I stood where my fellow American military once stood to fight for my country. I deeply thank the men and women who have fought for our freedom and are still doing so. The tour was sooo awesome!! Thanks!

--Terri Ashlock, 2006-07-23

I served on the Alabama in WWII for a year, and that was the most memorable moments of my life. I'm 85, and I have had a long life so I would had have a lot of experiances. I try to visit the great ship at least once a year. I recomend a trip to this Mighty ship.

--Thorne Griffith, 2006-07-16

My wife and I took our nephew to see the grand lady... For me it was stirring and something to look forward to seeing again. To think the BB-60 was key in winning the war and helped bring the men home after VJ-day will never be forgotten. What a sight it must have been that Sept. morning 1945.

God bless those who served and those who gave their all.

--Richard Remley, 2006-07-13

I loved the battleship and submarine! It was so awesome! I hope to visit again soon!!

--Jami, 2006-07-12

My family and I have visited the ship and sub several times. My youngest son is just amazed and so am I. On one of our visits to the USS DRUM we met a WWII vet that had served on the sub. We enjoyed our very own private tour with him. I will soon visit again....... Thanks.

--Tim Mitchell, 2006-06-18

I just recently visited the "Mighty A" for only the second time, and was amazed all over again! She's as beautiful now as she was when I first saw her some thirty or more years ago! She's a fitting memorial and honor dedicated to those great men. I thank each and every one of the crew for everything they sacrificed for us. God bless you all!

--Robert Krueger, 2006-06-15

I have visited the U.S.S ALABAMA at least 10 times since age 7 or eight. And it still feels like the 1st time. It is all that much better knowing my grandfather(Wade H. Shiver) was a plank owner. Loved to hear him tell his stories of his ship at home or the few times we went, to the ship when I would be on leave from the Navy.

--Paul Aquino, 2006-06-07

One of my favorite military monuments to visit. My family and I have gone to the Battleship Park 7 or 8 times, and it's as exciting as the first time. Since joining the Navy, it's great to see what my fellow shipmates did before I came into the service.

--CSSR Justin Dupuis, 2006-05-20

I have visited the USS ALABAMA Park multiple times, and each time I find something new and exciting. I'm addicted to this wonderful ship and the other military history on display. I'm so proud we have such a wonderful exhibit to honor our military heroes and their service to this country.

--Chris Harper, 2006-05-18

When my mom,Cory,Johnny, and I went to visit the U.S.S ALABAMA and the U.S.S DRUM, I thought it was so cool. My mom said we would go visit it again this summer in August before school.
--Joshua, 2006-05-07

Do you want a wonderful day of history? COME ON BOARD THE LADY WITH LOTS OF HISTORY, the USS ALABAMA, See where I worked on the fantail and 40 mm quad for four years.Thank you for the visit. Earl Minnix, 10th. Division 1942 - 1946

--Earl Minninx, 2006-04-24

Coming back home for the summers are fun. When I get home, the first thing that I want to do is go visit the battleship. To me, the USS ALABAMA is a wonderful part of history that I can be apart of. To learn what my hometown had to go through back in 1942. Being on the ship is the most amazing feeling ever. Just to think back where I'm standing now on this ship, someone years and years ago was in this very exact spot defending our country though it is a eerie kind of feeling to know people died on the ship that I'm aboard. I bring all my family and friends here, it's the most fun of coming home.

--Brea Graff, 2006-04-14

I have visted the USS ALABAMA when I was in my teens and I enjoyed it. We come to Mobile every year and visited with a family member. We always take a picnic out to the Bay and see the ship. Our pier is gone, but I am sure it will be back some day. We also go to Biloxi.

May the Lord be with you all. we were just down there in March. We saw the ship and all the damage in the Bay area. It won't be the same, but it is coming back slowly.I hope all the Coast can recovery. It's such a beautiful place to visit. I hope you will be blessed with all your recovery.
--Kathey Thomas, 2006-04-05

I was only 10 when I went. I'm only 12 now. I was walking around by myself and was looking at the cannons. I went to the airplane exhibit when i saw the jet ride. I was in the front seat. I thought I was a gonnor when it felt like I was about to hit the big rock...........well that's my moment

--Megan Padgett, 2006-04-04

I can't even begin to express how much the battleship park means to me and my family. I grew up in Biloxi, MS just down the beach, and my father brought me and my brothers here several times. Funny, we never said no! I bring my kids here (2 boys,2 girls). True to form, they never say no and are always excited to go. We've visited 5 times before Katrina, and 4 times since re-opening. My kids, especially the girls, love the battleship. I would like to thank all those who keep this history close to us. My kids will one day have families of their own and I'm sure they will visit BB-60 U.S.S. Alabama. Thank you and see you again soon.

--D. A. Rosado, 2006-03-28



--Carol Land, 2006-03-19

My father, James J.Hamilton served on the USS ALABAMA. I have been researching the history of the USS ALABAMA and came upon an important historical fact that I want to share. It is well known that USS ALABAMA performed convoy duty in the North Atlantic. But what is not so well known is the circumstances of that service. A book by Paul Kemp, a British writer, "Convoy, Drama in Arctic Waters", reveals that the USS ALABAMA, and the USS SOUTH DAKOTA, were actually part of the British Home Fleet during that service. The British requested the ships because the German battleship Von Tirpitz remained a potent threat to the Allied convoys. The USS ALABAMA was part of the command of UK Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser. As related by Kemp, this was the last time in history that US Naval forces would ever be under foreign command (p. 152). As Kemp notes, when the Royal Navy joined the U. S. Navy in the Pacific, the ``boot would be on the other foot." I dont think my father and other crew members were aware that these events rose to such a large importance in our country's history.

--James J. Hamilton, Jr., 2006-03-13

My father, Tony Marcellus served on the USS ALABAMA during WWII. He was a Chief Ship Fitter. Dad is 86 and still thinks he's a Chief. He also served on the USS Courage and LST 1070. No doubt he would love to hear from any ship mates that might remember him. Katrina problem, I know a guy that will get it done!!!

--Chris Marcellus, Marysville, WA, 2006-02-24

My Uncle Jack Biddix served on the USS ALABAMA from its commisioning until the decommisioning. He went on to spend 20 years in the Navy and retire. We were planning to come to the 2006 reunion, but he is been fighting cancer for the last 15 months, and I do not think he will make it much longer. He gave me his War Diary book that details the war years of the USS ALABAMA. When it was printed, the war was still going on. Hw will be missed greatly by his family. A true American hero is about to go home for some much needed rest.

--Derrick Breen, 2006-02-20

My dad was on the USS ALABAMA, and returns every year for the ship reunion in April. I am sad that I didn't start coming sooner, but this will be my 3rd one. For any of you who had a dad, grandfather, uncle, brother, or anyone close to you, you should try to come to the reunion. Everyone is made to feel welcome and it's the best history lesson you will ever get.

The stories are our nation's history, and they can never be told like they are from the men who were on the ship. If you do get to come, ask about the hole in the back of the boat!!! (just kidding, Dad)

--Julie, 2006-02-15

I served on the USS ALABAMA, Aviation Division. I was more than proud to have boarded her in 2001 after 55 years. My son accompanied me and took picture of me on deck beneath 16" guns where I stood some 55 years ago. I have to admit I was brought to tears knowing that part of my life was in seeing her again.

--Salvatore Philip Dragotto, 2006-02-13

My beloved father, Thomas Michael Cikutovich, proudly served on the USS ALABAMA during WWII. We grew up with his stories and memories of his time on the "Mighty BB-60. My father passed on to his heavenly reward on January 15, 2006, he died peacefully in his sleep at home. In his room, he had a painting of the USS ALABAMA and other cherished photos of his time aboard. He was buried with full military honors with a Navy Honor Guard, this is what he wished. His gravestone says "Sail On, Sailor". He shall be missed by all of us.

--Christine DeRosa, 2006-02-08

My grandfather, Elmer "Skip" Jenkins was on the ship in Pearl Harbor during the attack. Recently I found his log book and pictures of me on the ship when I was about 3 years old, I started to cry now thinking of what everyone went through. I would love to hear from anyone who served with him. He was a gunner and has been gone for a while now, but is still in my heart and never forgoteen.

--Elizabeth White, 2006-01-31

Hi, Well my moment is when my Father talked about his time on such a true monument of what America stood for and all his friends,I some day will visit and walk the same deck as my father did!! God bless those of you who serve!!

--Charles Turner, 2006-01-26

While just enjoying this great site and reading the Alabama's record at sea and beyond, I could not help but reply,particularly to all you brave veterans. I have been to many sites in your country (Buffalo, Port Everglades, San Francisco)and now must be sure to view this wonderful ship. Stay well all.

--Jeff Wood, 2006-01-19

Glad to see the USS ALABAMA Park has reopened as I will be visiting the park in June.... from Scotland...UK.

--Arthur Forbes, 2006-01-15

My dad & I visited the ALABAMA & DRUM when I was 14 years old. Now at age 54 ,I was beside myself with the feelings of great pride to be from Alabama and this great country. My family has been involved in the military, back to civil war and beyond. Was sad about damage done by nature. Hope the park's back on its feet soon.

Many thanks.

--Steve, Wanda & Nick from Kingston, TN, 2006-01-10

While visiting family on the MS Gulf Coast last month, I had hoped to tour the ALABAMA, but was saddened to learn of the damage from Katrina. This would have been my fourth battleship visit in two months (ARIZONA, MISSOURI, TEXAS AND ALABAMA). I did manage to have my picture taken from your park perimeter with the ALABAMA in the background. I am confident your staff will successfully re-open soon and I will return to visit your great collection of American history. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

--CDR Randall D. Smith, USN (Ret), 2006-01-03

When I saw the pictures after Katrina, I was devestated—I wanted to cry and I did. My dad was stationed aboard Her, and I was very proud to walk the same halls and decks my father did, so many years ago. God Bless the Battleship crew and I hope to see Her back in all her glory very soon.

--Jeff Sallee, 2005-12-02

I had visited Mobile, Alabama in June 2005. The day my family and I visited the USS Alabama, it was a site to see. That was the first time I had ever seen a battleship, and I was in absolute awe. I was beside myself. I always wanted to see a battleship my whole life. This was an absolutely amazing ship. This is truly a marvel that still takes my breath away. I am glad it's on display. I hope that it will always stay on display for future generations to tour. I would one day spend some time living and eating on a battleship to get the feeling of what it's like.

--Christopher Bierlein, 2005-11-29


--Mathew, 2005-11-18

On vacation to the USA I visited your lovely USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park. It was one of the most amazing places I have visited in my life. To be able to go onto WWII submarine & battleship was beyond belief. The airplanes & tanks were also amazing. Especially the spy plane & the B-52. Now I see that you suffered severe damage from the Hurricane Katrina. My deepest sympathies and best hopes that you can recover quickly from this tradgedy.

--Jane Dane, 2005-09-17

I just love Battleships and have since I was about 6. I have taken my son there since he was 9 years old, as it is a family outing we do every year. He is 19 now and in the Marines. I told him about what happened to Her in the storm,it made us both sad because we have so many memorys there. I am very glad to hear that She will be back in ship shape soon!! I will be waiting on word that She is back open. Thanks to all that keep her running!!!

--Ted Russell, 2005-09-07

dear sir :
As a former crew member of the ALABAMA, I want to thank you for a wonderful web-site. I had never known that the web-site existed. I receive regular monthly notices about our ship. My son who lives in Jacksonville, Fl.,
in reply to an e-mail, mentioned the ship was now listing to port. i thought there might be a photo in a shot of ALABAMA, but found none although there was a lot about ALABAMA.
Again thanks for this web-site.

--W. R. Barger, EX-QM/3C USN, 2005-09-06

My grandpa served in the Pacific during WWII aboard a ship similiar to this one. I had always wanted a chance to go aboard a WWII era boat & I finally got to visit the Alabama in May of this year. I loved every minute aboard her, and was very anxious to know of her state following Katrina's devastation. I am glad that no worse happened, and hope that all restoration efforts go well!

--Rachel Blackwood, 2005-09-05

I visited Alabama (BB-60) in Feb of '04, and fell in love with her. The park and the people were a joy to visit.

With the tragedy of Katrina, one of my many concerns was how the battleship faired, but I could not find news of her on television. I am very happy to have found this site and to get updated on the damage to the area.

Knowing how proud and determined the good people of the Gulf area are, I have no doubt that, given time, the wounds will be healed and the spirit of determination that U.S.S. Alabama so proudly represents will overcome this sad and tragic event.

--Phil Blakely, 2005-09-02

Hi, It's been 20 years since I have visited the USS Alabama. I was 6 years old. Last year when I visited a friend in Mobile, I didnt get a chance to go to the park and I was planning to this month...that was before Katrina. But I am glad to hear that the park will reopen and repairs will be made. Hopefully I will be able to see it again soon after the park reopens...i will keep checking this site as things progress...I wish you well as you repair and refurbish the park.

--Todd, 2005-09-02

We visited in the last week of July 2005 and finished the tour of the Battleship. It was beautiful. My brother, Josh Dishmon, is a Naval Officer and the battleship and sub will always have special meaning. My youngest son called the Alabama his own battleship because of Uncle Josh and is completely devastated by the turn of events. The park will be missed greatly. Thanks to all that worked there and those who fought in the wars.

Webmaster's Note: The Park will be closed for an indefinite period but will reopen soon.
--Amber Gray, 2005-09-01

Dear Sirs:

I am an Italian tourist. I visited your park ten years ago and I maintain a great memory of two days spent visiting Battleship USS ALABAMA, USS DRUM, and the aircraft collection. Now hearing the tragic news coming from your country and from your site caused by Katrina, I am very touched. I would would like to express to you my solidarity so that your big force and energy will make all efforts to repair the damages and let us enthusiastic visitors come back to enjoy USS ALABAMA!

God Bless you and America.
--Marini Gianpaolo, Milano, Italy, 2005-09-01

About two weeks ago, my girlfriend and my five year old son visited the USS Alabama and the USS Drum. We spent the entire day at the facility. Although I enjoyed the tour of the Alabama, my son had a blast aboard the Drum. I was saddened to hear about the damage to the park from Hurricane Katrina. I was amazed about the battleship changing its position and the ship's list. I hope and pray that the park will have a speedy recovery. I am looking forward to returning to the Alabama in the future.

--Robert Holster, 2005-08-30

After hurricane Katrina....

Help is on the way Alabama, don't give up hope. Our prayers are with you all!

--Christopher L. Lovvorn, Sr., 2005-08-30

Wow, it's been 30+ years since I visited the USS Alabama in 1972. I was a boy of 13 and went with my WW2 veteran grandfather. I'll never forget how he told me not to be slinging the anchor chain around so it wouldn't scratch the decks before we visited. Imagine my surprise when I saw how huge that chain was!

Thanks for the great memories and I hope things get put back together soon so I can give my own kids some memories of her. Bless you for celebrating the heroes of Alabama and this country.

--Buck Tilford, 2005-08-30

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and all of the many others badly affected by this horrific event.

God Speed.
--Denny, Overland Park, Kansas, 2005-08-30

I have always enjoyed my visits to your park. As soon as I saw where the hurricane came ashore, I wondered how the Alabama fared, along with your wonderful aircraft collection. I’m a pilot and enjoy your planes as much as your ships.

I imagine the Alabama was the safest place in the area to ride out a hurricane, so I hope your staff and families are all well. And I hope the damage is minimal!

Thanks for all you do to preserve our wonderful heritage!

--Brad Potter, 2005-08-30

Coming home to Mobile each time on leave and seeing the majestic Alabama resting there in your beautiful memorial park speaks volumes about Mobile and the good things it has to offer. Your well kept facilities and crew there are top notch and each time I visit I see new and wonderful things I did not see before. Interacting with your staff is always a joy and memorable. Keep up the great work there on behalf of those valiant crew members who served our Nation and the USS Alabama so well. We will never forget you!

--Mark Raines, 2005-08-22

I visited the Alabama on a trip to Florida as a child with my family in the early eighties. It was a special memory for me I have had all these years and I am glad to see that it is still being well taken care of and preserved. I intend to visit her again one day and share the experience with my wife and daughter. I want to walk her decks once again and remember my time on her with my father.

--David Clemons, 2005-08-08

My Mother's cousin, LCDR Eugene Haynes, was the Navigator on the Mobile during WW2. I drove through there a couple of years ago, and had the best time seeing all the sites at your facility.

--Larry O'Brien, 2005-07-13

My name is Alexey Burdin. I am an industrial engineer from Russia. I am very glad, that you have kept for yourselves and for the world a part of a history. Without a history, there is no future. Descendants will be very grateful to you.

--Alexey Burdin, 2005-07-09

My family and I visited the USS ALABAMA and the DRUM Sub today, June 9th, 2005. What a great learning experience for my 11 year old. The tours are easy to follow and the ALABAMA looks great after 60+ years. The submarine visit was a first for me and how those men survived those cramped quarters is unbelievable. The entire attraction was well worth the cost of three movie tickets and popcorn. The experience for my 11 year old will live with her forever and for her to appreciate the sacrifices and the tools used by those to give us freedom was what I hope to accomplish.

--Chris Beckish, 2005-06-09

I took my family to visit the ALABAMA in June, 1991. My older son had just returned from the 1991 Gulf War. It was an awesome experinece, visiting this fighting vessel from WWII. I just now discovered this site, or I would have written in sooner. Truly a piece of American History. I am thankful someone has preserved the "Lucky A" for us to see, and experience.

--Steve Sybert, 2005-06-06

My mom and I finally visited the great USS ALABAMA on Friday, May 20,2005.

It was the best experience in my life. To know that this ship is a part of our history makes me want to tell my friends about it and tell them to take their kids and someday take my kids as well.

--Veronica, 2005-05-30






--John Whitaker, 2005-05-04

My dad was in the navy for nearly 20 years. In 1995, we visited the U.S.S. ALABAMA. I was amazed! Thank you for all of your awesome service!!! In your memory, and all navy crew men my daughter's name is Alabama Hope....thanks again for the hope and the service you have given us!!!! May God bless you all!!!!!!

--Margarette, 2005-04-06

My wife and I went aboard the "Lucky A" on the return from our Honeymoon, July 2003 and I've got to say the Alabama and Battleship Park rank up there with the BEST historical military exhibits I've ever seen. The wonderful period music being played over the address system leant an air of nostalgia to the experience.

The USS Drum, as well as the aircraft (especially the B25) and the tracked vehicles were a fabulous bonus to visiting this majestic Battleship. Between the USS Alabama and the Naval Air Museum at Pensacola, Florida, I was in NAVY HEAVEN! Now I wish I'd listened to Dad (AGC, USNRET) and joined the Navy instead of the Army :)!!!

--Forrest W. Ball, 2005-03-29

I always enjoyed my trips with my Scout troop to spend time down there. I always had fun pretending I was actually was working on the ship during the war. I also discovered a few years ago that my grandfather did some of the pipe work on it while it was under construction at the Norfolk Shipyard. I wish he had gotten a chance to see it as a museum when he came to Alabama after my family moved here. He really would have enjoyed it.

The last time I visited was October 1999, I hope to get down there in early April of this year again.

In Memory of William Pressley Smith, Jr.

--Kenny Gilbert, 2005-03-01

My GREATEST Moment was being on the ship and touring it with my Granddad who was a gun man during the war. You could see the glow on his face when he was on the ship. Being on the ship with all the with him and seeing him with his old crew members. It gave me a feeling of Great Respect to all our Men in Uniform. If you have never seen the USS ALABAMA, then you need to go to Mobile Bay and Experience one of the Greatest Moments in History. I try to make it there once a year and show my respect to all the men who gave thier lives to serve this country.


Thanks For Everything.

--Jarrod Hill, 2005-02-21

My husband and I attended a Navy Conference in Biloxi a few weekends ago. Afterwards, we drove over to Mobile to visit a friend of mine. We decided to tour the Battleship Memorial Park. I will have to say, this was indeed the highlight of our trip. Just walking through this massive structure, knowing that you have stepped where someone else stood many years ago, perhaps when they were at war, or just underway. You could actually feel the crew around you, working as if the history was alive. It was a lot easier with my husband there. He was able to explain a little more about the different stations aboard. I was actually very proud to have been there, and I can promise that I will go back, again & again!
--ET2 & Mrs. Hallbauer, 2005-01-31

I had the best time ever. I have never seen it before in my life. I went last spring 2004. Now that I know that it's there, I am going to see it again and every time I come down there. See-Ya!!!

--Karl Gesicki, 2005-01-17

I haven't visited the Mighty A since I left her in Argentia, Newfoundland at the end of her shakedown cruise, tho' I would love to, and if I ever get to where I can travel up there, I will. I understand that there is a list of everyone that served on her aboard somewhere, and I would sure like to know if I am included in the list.

NOTE: Yes, his name appears on the USS ALABAMA Crewmen's Association Memorial aboard ship and at the Association site,

--Jack Arbogast, Former Crewman, 2004-12-28

I had waited 20 years to walk the decks of a battleship, and I finally able to when I visited the USS ALABAMA. It was simply stunning to see such a proud old battlewagon. I can't wait to go back.

--Joe, 2004-12-22


--Jerry Cheevers, 2004-12-22

During the Vietnam War, I was attending jungle survival school in the Panama Canal Area. Although I did not have the pleasure of seeing this old ship, I understand that the clearance was minimal as she carelessly negotiated the canal, and she came through while I was in the jungle.

Now, every year, our local Vietnam Veterans and Era Veterans, such as me, gather for a Christmas party in the Battleship's Ward Room. It is truely a wonderful experience to meet together on a ship which has so much history, and is still honored today.

Proud to be a born and bred Alabamian.

--Ron Moore, Robertsdale, AL, 2004-12-11

Everytime I step on this ship I feel as if I've stepped back into time. You can feel the history with every step you make. We have visited several times as a family, especially bringing our children to help them understand what these brave men went through to perserve our freedom and society. We can never say thank you enough. My husband is military and lost an uncle on the USS Astoria, so we've always been conscious of the sacrifices made. God bless all the veterans.

--Kitty Wood, 2004-11-04

I really love the experiance on going on the USS ALABAMA and the USS DRUM. It was the experiance of a lifetime. I would never expect for me to be on a big
ship like the USS ALABAMA, but I did.

I want to thank all of the staff that worked so hard to keep up the ship up and in great condition like it is in now.


--Jarad Raney, 2004-10-21

My brother, Lamar Harrison, from Mobile, Al. was on the USS Alabama during the War. He served until the war was over. He never would go on the ship when it came to Mobile as it held too many bad memories, he said.

I have been on it and understand why he would not want to go through the heartache of seeing it again. Thank you good people for all the support you give to the ship.

--Evelyn Gassler, 2004-08-24

I spent the night on the USS Alabama with my ROTC group back in August 2001. It was an amazing experience that I will remember forever. Spending that much time there really brought out the realness of wartime - even with being prior to September 11th. If you've visited, you may recall two rooms with beds hanging from the ceiling (racks). That's where we slept. We were kind of stacked on top one another in our racks, hanging by chains, therefore if one person moved the whole thing would move. It was so difficult to sleep, and it made me wonder how on earth the men who served aboard the USS Alabama were capable of doing their duties when it was obvious how difficult resting came. It made me appreciate the military even more. Also there is a room that is darkened with American flags and the names of the people who served aboard the ship. It was an amazing concept that literally thousands of names were actually onboard that ship, sleeping in the same place I had, eating at the same table. It's just a mind blowing experience. I definitely recommend visiting when you have the opportunity.

--Kellie, 2004-08-11

I visited the Alabama last week on my first trip to the South from California. I was amazed that 60 years ago they could build such an incredible ship. I was interested in the intense stories of WWII, and the dedication and service of the servicemen. My thoughts of gtatitude go out to those servicemen, and
all others who have served the U.S.A. It really bothers me that many Americans today take freedom for granted, and don't give enough honor and credit, especially to those who fought in WWII. I cannot thank those of you enough. Also, to those who work at the Alabama and maintain the ship, thanks so much. I really enjoyed visiting Alabama, and highly recommend it to anyone.

Please teach your children about this time in American history.

Thanks again to all of those who served.

--Neal from California, 2004-08-04

We visited the USS Alabama on Saturday July 24th. We were headed to Gulf Shores for the weekend for Jarrod's (my Boyfriend) birthday. He had always wanted to see it and we had the most amazing time. It was beautiful and we talked the whole time about how you could just feel "the spirit" of the crew around you working tirelessly. God Bless our Veterans and America!!!!!! We plan to go back!!!

--Tiffany & Jarrod, 2004-07-29

Hi, my family and I recently visited the park and toured the ship, the submarine and the aircraft areas, and were very impressed with everything and really enjoyed our day there.
--Birgitta from Georgia, 2004-07-29

I was completely blown away with the awesome technology of the ship, which was built so long ago. I wish I would have taken my son, Jake, with me. We are definitely going back to see it agian!

--Curt Missall, 2004-07-21

While stationed at Eglin AFB, Ft Walton Beach, FL., I took my wife, Yvonne and my two daughters, Julia and Victoria to Battleship Park. The USS Alabama was by far the highlight of the trip. I spent half the day touring the ship and had to leave because my family was worn out. I couldn't get enough of the HISTORY of this magnificant vessel. This trip took place in 1984. I plan to return someday to complete my fun and interesting tour of the USS Alabama.

--Ismael Morales, 2004-07-08

In 1992, my boyfriend and I took a driving trip to Texas. On the way, we stopped at the Alabama and took the tour. Today - 12 years later- my husband and our son are on the same trip we took 12 years ago. Today our son will see the Alabama in person.

--Isabel Williams, 2004-06-28

In 1985, when I was 9, I first toured the USS Alabama and USS Drum. Next month my husband and I will be taking our 9 year old son and 1 year old daughter to see them as we celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. I guess as a military family, we are celebrating the military way!

--Regina Fox, 2004-06-15

My Dad - Kenneth George Armstrong served on the USS Drum Submarine during WWII. Every year as I was growing up, my sister and I would go with my dad to his reunions. Those were the best of times.

My father passed away 2 years ago from Alzheimers. My husband & I plan to visit the USS Drum next month. I am excited to be able to share these precious memories with my husband and sons.

--Kim Jackson, 2004-06-14

I slept on the Alabama as a Boy Scout and have visited several times since. This ship is quite a treasure!

--Wyatt B. Warren, 2004-06-14

I was stationed with the US Air Force at Brookley AFB, Mobile and watched the USS Alabama being towed up the Mobile Bay which ran by the side of the air base. What a thrill to be a part of history.

--Harold Lemley, 2004-06-11

My father James Howard Beaton served on the Mighty A during WWII. I first saw her when I visited with him when I was 10. I called it a "boat" and he was quick to correct me, "This is no boat, this is a SHIP". I look forward to visiting her again.

--Elizabeth Lambert, 2004-06-07



--Darleen Ollar, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2004-06-04

My favorite moment was sleeping on the battleship. I will be 8 years old next month. I had a tour with scouts. I had a fun day. It took a long time to get there. We could get in the guns. We got a tour to the top of the battleship. We went to the front of the battleship. The battleship traveled all around the world. It was fun. The USS ALABAMA BATTLESHIP.

--Aaron, 2004-05-31

I have been visiting Alabama for 29 years straight and I never get tired of visiting the USS ALABAMA. It is always a thrill for me and now I get to share it with my two sons. Even more special is that my grandfather was on the sister ship - USS South Dakota. We have had some wonderful times visiting this memorial. Thanks!

--Tim Baxter, 2004-05-31

We visited the "ALABAMA" for about the third or fourth time in May 2004 while on vacation from the state of South Carolina. We used to live in Biloxi, Mississippi several years ago and visited the ALABAMA then. Always enjoy the museum .I am a Navy veteran so I have a vested interest in our nation's fleet ships....The "ALABAMA" is one of the best preserved we have ever visited.I appreciate the way it is kept.....God bless our nation and those who serve her at sea,in the air, and on the surface....

--Chuck & Thelma Whitman, 2004-05-31

My grandfather served on the Alabama, during WWII. He never would talk much about what he saw and experienced, I think it was just too painful. I am so thankful that the USS ALABAMA has been preserved, it has allowed us a glimpse of his life, that none of us knew anything about.

--Jason Bennett, 2004-04-27

I was with my family on spring break at Gulf Shores Al.I went by myself to the USS Alabama memorial.I was amazed & will never forget the experince of walking on the same deck that our young Navy men did during WWII.It made me very proud to be a american & to have the freedoms that we have.

--Mark Enright, 2004-04-21

We visited the Battleship Park on 12 April 2004 and we are really impressed by USS Alabama and USS Drum! The self guided tour is very well planned and we really enjoyed the videos too. Thank you, all the people in Alabama and United States who have contributed in preserving this pride and allowing the future generations and visitors like us to learn more about history. Good Job!

--KO & ST from Singapore, 2004-04-13

I\'am 29 years old and have visited the Uss Alabama at least 10 times. I honestly look forward to visiting each year my family comes to Alabama. It is a tradition in our family. My grandfather was on the sister ship - Uss South Dakota. So when he is with us he gives us his own tour. Telling us some amazing stories about WWII and life on a battleship. I am very proud of him and can\'t wait to share with my two sons what it has meant to me. Thanks so much for this memorial!

--Tim R. Baxter, 2004-04-07

I revisited the USS Alabama after 33 years and it still gives me inspiration and that proud to be an American feeling. Some mighty brave men have stood on her decks and served her well.

--John J. Bates, US Army Retired, 2004-04-05

Visited almost a full day in January 2004,and enjoyed every minute. I am a Navy veteran,served aboard the USS YORKTOWN (CVA-10).God bless every serviceman & woman who servedthis great country. A great ship, the ALABAMA.
--Jim & Sherry Champion, 2004-03-06

I am from Mobile but now I am in college about 3 hours away. And now I can say the one thing I miss the most about Mobile is the Battleship. For the past 2 years of my high school career my JROTC drill team members and I spent the night and we would always have the time of our lives. Thank you for preserving such a great place to visit.
--Miranda, 2004-02-16

I was just a little boy when I visited the Alabama some eighteen years ago, and I still have fond memories of that trip. I hope to make it back in the near future and relive that wonderful experience with my wife and daughter.
--Matthew Gardner, 2004-02-13

My wife and I took a day off of work to visit the park... We drove up and spent the day admiring every piece... Exceptional... Awesome... Thankfull... The equitment is fantastic...The men who used it even more so... Thank you...Also thank you USS Alabama Battleship Commission for your work...Thank you Alabama... We enjoyed the day and learned what a great country we live in and the people who make it so...John & Patty Anderson
--John & Patty Anderson, 2004-01-30

Being 12 years old when I visited the battleship Alabama I was in awe at the sight of her, and I believe this visit had a strong influence on my becoming a ten year veteran of the U.S. Navy. Thank You, K.C.
--K.C. Knake, 2004-01-06

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